Our Services

Our services

Our Counselling will help you to know and understand yourself,so that it will be very easy for you to think , what you want to do and how it will be beneficial for you. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world,so the goal of our counselling is not only to help you to make the decision but it will let you to achieve your future dreams.


  •   Help you to complete the application form
  •    Collect and file your required documents for the University application
  •   Pay the application fee
  •   Receive your admission letter from the University
  •   Apply for your invitation letter from the university
  •   Create your visa file for the embassy
  •   Arrange HDR attestation, apostle, translation of documents
  •   Assist to get a medical fitness certificate as required
  •   Cover the medical insurance
  •   Apply for the visa as your representative
  •   Schedule an appointment with the respective embassy
  •   Keep you and family updated about the progress
  •   Train you for the visa interview
  •   Accompany you to your visa appointment
  •   Collect the passport with the visa

Our Services

  •   Counselling by our experts
  •   Helps in University Selection
  •   Step By Step Admission Process
  •   Helps in Documentation for Bank Loan “if required”
  •    Travel and visa assistance
  •   Pre Departure Meet
  •   Airport Pickup by our Representatives
  •   Arrangement of Fooding and lodging
  •   Completion of Documents in the University
  •   Presence of our representative for the help of students


  •   Our D-Departure service includes
  •   Reservation of your flight ticket
  •   Schedule your flight together with other our students.
  •   Information about essential goods to carry, luggage allowance and all other required information helping to reach the final destination
  •   Meeting one of our representatives at the airport (North India) to receive a readymade file with all the necessary documents for every country.
  •   Clarification of remaining questions
  •   Contact Numbers of the local representatives in the foreign country
  •   Our A-Arrival Service at the new destination includes:
  •   Receive and welcome you at the airport by one of our representatives
  •   Update you about the program
  •   Provide you with a SIM card
  •   Comfort you during the initial acclimatization to the new country
  •   Consult our representative for questions
  •   Assist you to complete the admission process
  •   Guide you to pay the remaining fees
  •   Support you in obtaining the residence permit, medical insurance, medical checkups and other necessary documents